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And pray. The facts have no sway over abortion supporters. It is prayer that holds the greatest power to break through denial into truth. Let us pray for healing and truth as we remember 44 years of t.

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Hwy 20 at Lumsden; Hwy 2 at Chamberlain; Hwy 44 at Davidson; Hwy 15 at Kenaston; Hwy 16 (TCH) in Saskatoon Hwy 7 / Hwy 14 in Saskatoon; Hwy .

Find North Central North Dakota things to do and places to stay. North Central North Dakota vacations offer outdoor activities and events, including the .

On Oct. 10, 2014, Kerpan’s world changed. At about 1:15 a.m. CST his phone rang at his home near Kenaston, Sask. It was a police officer calling to inform Kerpan that his 25-year-old daughter, Danille .